Staff Listing

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Ministry Staff Team

Staff Name Position Extension Email
Mark Bricker Pastor of Education 1025
Wade Harmon Minister of Missions & Evangelism 1051
Russell Howard Lead Pastor 1118
Arthur Keeley Minister to Singles 1017
Lisa Kleinmann Head of School 1264
Rita Massey Children’s Ministry Director 1213
David Miller Pastor of Membership 1123
Cary Robinson Pastor to College/20 Somethings 1011
Beverly Chesnut, LMHC McGregor Director of Counseling

Support Staff Team

Hugo Barroso Food Supervisor  1199
Julie Beaird MELA Assistant Director 1044
Greg Benefiel Food Ministry Director 1196
LaVerna Bigelow Information Technology Assistant 1031
Dory Guerrero Assistant Child Care Coordinator – Preschool Ministry/Learning Cove 1190
Ana Cash Administrative Secretary – College & Career & Singles 1017
Rhonda Couts Administrative Secretary – Adults 55+ 1016
Kasey Deschaine Administrative Secretary – Students 1461
Peggy Drye Administrative Assistant to MELA 1244
Jeff Eskridge Director of Graphic Arts 1401
John Evans Director of Information Technology 1099
Trudy Evans Campus & Event Design Coordinator 1421
Michael Farley Operations Manager 1113
Candace Furiosi Administrative Secretary – Children’s Ministry 1215
Cherie Gaither M.E.L.A. Director 1243
Peter Finch Custodial Supervisor 1114
Candi Girtman Administrative Secretary – Preschool Ministry 1189
Janice Goedecke Accounting Manager 1004
Tammy Goodwin Administrative Assistant to the Ordained Offices 1081
Becky Harmon Preschool Assistant 1208
Connie Heidorn Administrative Assistant to the Lead Pastor 1018
Ron Holmes Director of Instrumental Worship 1101
Kim Hopkins Human Resources Director 1013
Brian Keating Worship Leader 1402
Debbie Letcher Administrative Secretary – Human Resources 1111
Kelley Mahan MELA Curriculum Coordinator 1247
Stephen Miller Creative Media Manager 1411
Donna Mixon Print Technician 1015
Karon Peterson Administrative Secretary – Missions & Evangelism 1051
Nancy Perez Administrative Secretary – Education 1025
Michelle Quintana Preschool Resource Room Coordinator 1417
Todd Reed PSM Support Staff 1183
Jenna Roberts Payroll & Benefits Coordinator 1121
Joann Santana PSM Childcare Coordinator/Learning Cove Director 1214
Carrie Shell Accounting Supervisor 1010
Ed Steiner Grounds & Maintenance Supervisor 1100
Terri Thomas Administrative Secretary – Music 1083
Krisztina White Administrative Secretary – Membership 1123