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Journey Together Summer Class Schedule

Wednesday Evening Classes beginning September 6

Journey Gatherings

Journey Together Summer Gatherings

Join us as we give thanks to God’s continued promise of His faithfulness to the church. These promises were revealed through the events that unfolded 500 years ago with protestant reformation. These events revealed the truth of the gospel and changed the direction of His church.

We will be taking a look at three key elements of Luther’s reformation that are essential to the gospel that he was willing to die for.

Sola Gratia – by Grace Alone

August 16 – Goodness vs. Grace (Speaker: Russell Howard)*
(*Bible study will also include a time to observe Communion)

Sola Fide – by Faith Alone

August 23 – Works vs. Faith (Speaker: Jim Holbrook)

Sola Scriptura – by Scripture Alone

August 30 – Religion vs. Scripture (Speaker: Russell Howard)

Our Journey Together Fall Gatherings will take place at 6:30 PM in the Worship Center. All Preschool, Children, and Student Ministry opportunities will be available from 6:30 – 8:00 PM.

 Nancy Perez, 239-689-2554,