Legacy Adults 65-75

///Legacy Adults 65-75
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Legacy Adults 65-75 – Life Group Class Schedule

Sunday Mornings at 9:30 AM Building
Bill Camp
Joyful Followers
HOPE H-185
Bob Orton
The Ambassadors
HOPE H-183
Bob Rogers
Heavenly Light
Mark Trask
The Beacons
HOPE H-184
Pal Turner
The Branches
HOPE H-186
Sunday Mornings at 11:00 AM Building
David Goins
The Movers
HOPE H-183
Tom Hanrahan
The Life Builders
HOPE H-185
Bob Vanderwilt
Joint Heirs
HOPE H-184

Director – Bill Camp

My family is from Georgia, 50 miles west of Atlanta.  In the early 1930’s, they moved to Chicago, Illinois, where my sister and I were born.  Dad owned a small construction company and in the late 1940’s, we moved to Louisville, Kentucky.

Although my family was not Catholic, my mother wanted us to have a good education, so we were enrolled in Catholic elementary and high schools.  During this time, my interest and skills in art, football, and track developed.  My leadership abilities were being recognized in the classroom and on the athletic field.  They continued at the University of Illinois in athletics and the Air Force ROTC program.

When we moved to Louisville, our neighbor would regularly invite me to Sunday School class.  One day I said I would go with her; she was the teacher.  That began regular attendance at Sunday School and church.  During the 7th grade, I asked Jesus to forgive me of my sins and come into my heart.  Since that time, the Scripture “Whatever you do, do all to the glory of God” (1 Cor. 10:31) has influenced my life.  I was baptized many years later in a small First Church of God congregation in Abeline, Texas, while in the last months of my time in the Air Force.

After leaving the Air Force, I enrolled in Anderson College, Anderson, Indiana, married, raised a family, and was active in youth work and lay leadership in West Virginia and Indiana.  In 1973, I returned to University of Illinois to complete my Bachelor of Architecture degree.  The family continued to be active in the churches in Urbana and Decatur, Illinois.

I  reflect on my life in amazement.  There have been many adventures in various types of work in this country and in Columbia, people I have worked with and religious philosophies.  I have slopped hogs in the heat of summer, shoveled coal in dead of winter.  I flew jet aircraft, worked in construction, became a registered Architect, published a church newspaper in Indiana, taught in a community college and most age groups in religious education, comforted the young and old, sold automobiles and clothing, managed a fast food restaurant, was a business director of a 2,000 member church program, and for fun, acted in and directed amateur religious theater.

I enjoy people, laughing at myself, helping others to laugh and be the best they can be.  I was taught by my father to be considerate of others, firm but gentle and giving 100%.

In 1983, I ran away from my family and God.  That started the journey down the dark path of New Age metaphysical involvement, but, unknown to me, God had not forgotten me.  He was watching as I exercised my free will to not choose His way.  Others also had not forgotten about me.  My mentor, friend and Pastor, Dr. Harold Conrad and his wife, whom I served under as Youth Pastor in Kentucky and Indiana, were continuing daily to pray for me.  In the Spring of 1991, alone in the darkest of dark places, I called out to God to drive Satan from me, forgive me, and awaken me to His Holy Spirit.  I surrendered and He forgave me.  Like a newborn baby learning to walk, I, too, had to relearn how to be in His presence, listening, reading His Word, talking to Him and accepting His grace, mercy, love and to believe I was accepted just as I was.

On one occasion of the many late night phone conversations with Brother Conrad, I asked him “why…..why all those experiences of wonderful successes and painful failures?”  He said they had not been wasted…..I would be able to have empathy for others and show them God’s love.

In His timing, God has brought me a wonderful Christian wife, a supportive and loving family at McGregor Baptist Church, spiritual teachers, brothers and sisters in Christ, and revealed new and exciting areas of service.  (1 Cor. 10:31)