Car Care Day

///Car Care Day
Car Care Day 2017-03-13T15:43:33-04:00

Attention Ladies!

This special event is designed to assist single ladies of all ages with car services consisting of oil changes and safety inspections. Oil will be provided at no charge but you must bring the oil filter designed for your vehicle. The work is done right here on McGregor Baptist Church campus.

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Car Care Day As An Outreach.

We are looking for both married and single adult men who have a desire to serve and please our Lord and Savior. It requires approximately 3 hours of your time, beginning at 7:00AM on these Saturday mornings. This event is offered 3 times a year. No experience necessary.

To sign up to help, please call:

Ken Kelly (239) 395-0542

Nick Trosterud (239) 292-2493

Ana Cash (239) 689-2552

Ladies, reserve your appointment time online at For an appointment or information, please contact the Connected Single Adult Ministry Office at (239) 689-2552, or at

Men, if you would like to learn more about how to partner with this ministry, please contact the Connected Single Adult Ministry office for more information at (239) 689-2552, or at

Upcoming Car Care Dates 2017 – Saturdays Only 

February 18

June 17

October 14