Joyful Generosity

A special update on behalf of our Elder body.


Greetings, Church Family!

When we adopted the 2021 Church Budget, we included a significant “Ministry Reserve” line item. In simple terms, that line item exists because things can shift during the course of a year, and unexpected opportunities can arise. If 2020 and 2021 (so far) have taught us anything, they’ve sure taught us that!

The video I’ve included with this email explains two such opportunities that our Elders agreed to respond to. To be clear, we again are acting within our budget that you affirmed back in December 2020 when together we approved the 2021 Budget. I believe you’ll be blessed that MBC is not leaving this needs unanswered!

Beyond the video, below are a few more links with more information. It is a joy to serve alongside you!

-Pastor Russell

Voddie Baucham

A note from Pastor Tom Ascol, Grace Baptist Church, Cape Coral, FL: 

Voddie Baucham needs no introduction to the friends and supporters of Founders Ministries. Voddie is an old friend and has spoken at our conference for years, including our most recent national conference last month. He is also serves on the board of trustees for Founders and is one of the founding faculty members of our recently announced Institute of Public Theology. As you may have already heard, when Voddie returned to Zambia a few weeks ago he was immediately diagnosed with heart failure. As I type this, he is on his way back to the states with Bridget in order to seek medical treatment. 

You can read Voddie’s own account in the newsletter linked here. I am writing to let you know that I have set up a GoFundMe account to help the Bauchams with what promises to be significant medical expenses. He has been living in Zambia for the last five years and does not have medical insurance. Many have reached out offering to help in various ways. I communicated with him last night and can assure you that he is deeply appreciative—overwhelmed even—by the many expressions of love. Obviously, he cannot respond directly to all who are reaching out. 

Please pray for Voddie and his family as he has asked. If you are able to give to help them meet the coming medical expenses, please do so. Anything you can do to help spread the word is also deeply appreciated. So many have been blessed by our brother’s ministry through the years. I am sure that, like me, you feel this current medical trial very deeply as you think about Voddie and his family. We also rightly think about the many valuable kingdom efforts Voddie is engaged in both here and in Africa. He is the Lord’s servant and, more importantly, a son of the living God and our brother through faith in Jesus Christ. Please pray that through this trial he, Bridget, their children, and grandchildren may learn to trust not themselves, but the God who raises the dead. And may that God—our God—heal our brother completely.

Thanks for giving your prayerful consideration to this needs.

In Christ,

Pastor Tom Ascol

Morningstar Baptist Church

Morningstar Baptist Church, a small church in our Association, has suffered a catastrophic fire.  They also lack insurance, because the church is small.  They have got to get the demolition done right away.  Various churches in our association and community are already promising to be involved. 

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