Our DivorceCare Program

Divorce and Separation bring pain and loneliness that only God can heal. Through the DivorceCare program and with biblical teaching and support from others experiencing the same emotions, recovery can begin. Topics covered include forgiveness, depression, coping with anger, and more. At DivorceCare, become part of a small support and discussion group and interact with people who can understand. Learn how to deal with the past and grow closer to God while facing the realities of life head-on.

Divorce Care is offered two times a year and features videotaped seminar sessions with nationally-known experts on divorce and recovery. Every session will include dinner, a topic video, and small group discussions. Groups are divided into those experiencing separation and divorce. (You can sign-up at any time during this 14-week program).

Consider joining us Tuesday evenings from 6:00 PM – 8:30 PM.

DivorceCare For Kids

A children’s program called “Divorce Care 4 Kids” for children grades 1-5 is also available for those kids also dealing with their families’ separation and the trauma it causes. The goal is the provide a safe place for children to learn how to navigate this difficult time and to be heard. Caregiver must also be enrolled in DivorceCare Program.

DivorceCare Program

Our DivorceCare Program fee is $35.00 per family. Registration includes: printed materials & workbooks, dinners, DC4K.

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