Grief Share

"Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted."

 – Matthew 5:4

Who We Are

God’s Word calls on us to bear one another’s burdens. GriefShare is our comfort ministry created to help those who have lost someone they love. This recovery support group is specifically designed for those who are hurting after the death of a spouse, child, family member or friend. 

From Those Who Understand

Greifshare is hosted by many people who have all experienced various kinds of loss and understand the depth of pain that is felt when we lose a loved one. If you are grieving, please know that you are not alone. 

What We Do

Grief Share uses various curriculums that utilize both video and discussion topics to guide each meeting. Together, we’ll hear from the most up-to-date experts on how to navigate through grief and recovery.

Video and Discussion Topics vary  each week and cover a wide range of topics, like when dreams fall apart, losing a spouse, seasons of grief, and adjusting with family. 

Small Groups

We’ll also have an opportunity to hear from each other and share our stories in small group discussion. We’ll share where we are at on our journey through grief each week and experience comfort from those who have experienced a similar loss.

Join At Any Time

You can join our group at any point when Griefshare is meeting. Each is self-contained, allowing you to start any time. Attending in sequence is not necessary. Sessions run for 13 weeks.

Want To Join Us?

Does it sound like we can help? If so, we’d love to have you with us. Click the button below to sign up. If the class listing is not available, please contact Krisztina White. 

Our next session begins August 22.