The Good News of Jesus Christ

God, Man, and Christ

The Gospel is the good news of Jesus Christ who saves everyone that believes in Him as Saviour and Lord. It is the central message of the Bible, and it separates Christianity from every other religion and spiritual practice because it shows that, we cannot do anything to save ourselves but only receive God’s grace through faith in Christ alone. The Bible teaches us that everyone, everywhere is by nature sinful. Sin is the breaking of God’s moral standard. In light of God’s holiness we are deserving of His condemnation, which is Hell for eternity. While this puts us in hopeless state, the Gospel (Good News) message offers the only hope for sinners. God calls everyone to turn from their sin and trust in the work that Christ accomplished on the cross.

The Gospel = Good News

God is Holy

The Triune God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit, of the Bible, created all things to make known His name, character and glory. He is the only One that is all-powerful, all-knowing, and all-present who has no beginning or end. He has been, and will always be, the same. He is the one and only true God who is over all creation, infinite beyond measure, and supreme over everything. And yet, our Creator God is a personal being who is present in everything and sustains everything! His nature is shown to be merciful and compassionate, gracious and loving, righteous and just; and the essence of God’s character is His Holiness. This holiness means that He is distinct and set apart from everything else. Since God is infinitely holy, He infinitely hates all evil, unrighteousness, and sin. Only when we have the right view of God and His holiness, we will rightly see ourselves as sinful beings deserving of God’s justice.


We are sinners

Our created purpose is to give glory to God and to find delight and joy in Him, but all of us have been born with a bent toward sin and evil, and live a life that is in rebellion to God’s character and His ways. When we are found guilty and condemned before God. This means every thought, word, and deed contrary to God’s revealed will in Scripture, condemns us before Him. In the Bible, the moral law, or more commonly known as the “Ten Commandments,” accurately shares God’s heart for us. These commandments are like a mirror so we can clearly see our heart in comparison to God’s heart.

In light of this comparison, the Bible says that we have not kept God’s law, and are unable to follow it. It is an impossible task because we are sinners by nature. No matter how good we may be, we are not good according to God’s standard, which is perfection, since He is perfect. All of us have missed the mark, and are found guilty before Him. God is not obligated to save any person from His wrath towards sin and He would be just in condemning all of us because of our sinfulness. In simple terms, we earn the “paycheck” of death when we sin (Romans 6:23a).  This is not only physical death, but the spiritual death of being separated from God in Hell for all of eternity. Nonetheless, God  who is rich in mercy, has graciously provided a way for us to be right with Him. God the Father sent His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ.

Jesus Saves

God the Father sent His Son to the world, and the eternal divine Son entered human history by becoming a human — truly God and truly Man. Jesus Christ came to be the substitute for us and to take God’s wrath for us. This is an amazing demonstration of love by offering to save undeserving guilty sinners. The fullness of God dwells in Jesus Christ, and He is the perfect representation of the invisible God of the Bible. Christ, in His humanity, lived a sinless and righteous life that kept and fulfilled God’s law, perfectly, because we can’t! Out of love, He voluntarily laid down His life for sinners by being scourged and crucified on a cross, then three days later arose from the grave. God, who is Holy, requires justice for all evil and sin, and Jesus took that payment of sin upon Himself and satisfied God’s holy wrath against guilty sinners like us. His resurrection defeated sin and death and proved that He is Lord of all. Every person who trusts in the finished work of Christ’s death, burial and resurrection, has their sins covered by the costly blood shed at the cross and gains Christ’s righteousness; this is good news for all who believe in the Gospel! 

No longer will God look at believers as guilty sinners deserving of punishment, but as redeemed children bought and covered by the blood of Jesus Christ. We have this assurance because Christ came back to life on the third day after His death! The physical resurrection of Jesus Christ validates His claim as the Son of God who victoriously secured salvation for us, and promises us that one day, we too will resurrect physically and be with Him forever. Salvation comes from God, and Jesus Christ will save everyone who believes in Him, from their sins and God’s wrath; and in Christ, believers will receive everlasting life and joy.

Repent and Believe

God commands all people everywhere to repent of their sins and turn to Jesus Christ for salvation. He is calling you to confess that you are a guilty sinner who can do nothing to secure a right standing before God and pay off your eternal debt. You are completely unable to reconcile with Him on your own, and rightly condemned. Hence, God is calling you to repent. Repentance is a desire of the heart to turn away from your sins and turn to Jesus Christ, the only mediator between God and man. By being obedient to God’s call, you believe that Jesus Christ is the only true God of creation who, in His humanity, lived the perfect life that you could not live, suffered and died in your place on the cross, physically rose from the dead and is alive today, guaranteeing your hope for salvation! 

So believe that Jesus Christ is your Saviour who has saved you from the penalty of sin, is presently saving you from the power of sin, and one day will save you from the presence of sin. Believe in Jesus Christ as your Lord and that you are no longer your own master because He has purchased you with His blood. Deny yourself, take up your cross, and gladly follow Him.

If you want to know more about repenting and trusting in Jesus for the forgiveness of your sin and His promise to save you from the payment of sin for your salvation, we would like to hear from you. Contact us today and let’s continue to have a conversation about what God’s Word says and any next steps.




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