Nearlywed/Newlywed Life Group

Nearlywed/Newlywed Life Group​

Pre-Registration Now Available

Pre-registering adds you to a wait list. Anyone who wants to attend the Nearlywed/Newlywed Life Group must pre-register first. Both individuals will need to register. We will contact you by phone or email to provide updates on the next scheduled class.

Nearlywed/Newlywed Life Group

Do you ever wonder what the Bible says about marriage? Would you like to learn time-tested communication skills? How do each of your personality strengths contribute and impact your marriage? Find out in our Nearlywed/Newlywed Life Group!

The Nearlywed/Newlywed Life Group group is designed for couples who are engaged to be married or have just gotten married. Each week you will study a subject that will enrich your relationship and help you form a Biblical perspective on your upcoming or new marriage. We will cover communication strategies, conflict resolution, personality differences, finances, sexual expectations, roles, and commitment. We will also explore the deepest needs of men and women and how those differences can be used as strengths rather than sources of conflict. 

Love and respect are foundational to a healthy marriage. Consider joining the Nearlywed/Newlywed Life Group and learn your partner’s love language, how to fight fair in conflict, and essential steps in building a safe-haven home.

“We look forward to helping you to get off to a great start in your marriage.” 
– Steve and Beverly Chesnut