January 28-30, 2022

Giving and Commitment

Our 2022 GIC Giving Goal is $300,000.

As we partner together for the Gospel, you can start here by committing to give one-time, weekly, or even monthly. Share with us your interest level in participating in an upcoming mission trip too. 

Prayer and
Trip Guide

Coming soon. Our printed Booklet will be available at the beginning and end of our January 31 worship service. Learn about our Global Missions Partners and GIC Giving Goal for missions. Consider praying for our missionaries featured in this guide.

Other Ways To Participate

Blessing Mart

The McGregor “Blessing Mart” is a special area where our visiting missionaries can shop for a myriad of goods and supplies. We are looking to the families of McGregor to purchase items to bless missionaries (new items, please!). Bring your items to either the Faith Atrium or to the East end of Main Street in the Hope Building by January 27, and deposit them in a designated collection bin.

Saturday Breakfast

Join us for the Global Impact Celebration Missions Breakfast. You’ll meet our 2021 missionaries and get to enjoy a delicious breakfast. Everyone is invited! Saturday, January 30, 2021, we’ll dig in for breakfast at 8:30 AM in the Fellowship Hall. Breakfast costs just $5.00. Registration available 1/1/2022 – 1/24/2022.

Global Impact Yard Sale

Our Annual Global Impact Yard Sale will be on Saturday, March 5, starting at 7:00 AM on the McGregor Campus. Each year, our church family gathers a variety of items, ranging from furniture to electronics, in an effort to support our MBC missionaries and mission trips. To reserve a table for you and your items, please sign up by clicking the button below.

Donate Items

Consider donating some items to us. We’ll gladly accept a wide range of items – even furniture or appliances! For more information on where to drop off your items or to request help transporting furniture/appliances, please contact Karon Peterson with the information at the bottom of this page. 

Consider Serving

Consider supporting our MBC missionaries and ministries by serving during our annual Global Impact Yard Sale. Consider supporting our MBC missionaries and ministries by serving during our annual Global Impact Yard Sale. Opportunities to serve are available Friday, March 4 at 8:00 AM, and Saturday, March 5 at 7:00 AM. 

For more information, please contact Karon Peterson with the information near the bottom of this page. 

2022 Trip Dates

Interested in Boldy Going To The Ends Of The Earth and sharing the Gospel? Download a printable PDF list of our planned Missions Trips!

*All dates are currently tentative.

Cuba June 17 – 24

Guatemala July 15 – 23

Hungary July 14 – 24

Nepal July 14 – 23

London July 23 – 31

Peru October 6 – 15

South Asia October 20 – 29

Haiti October 21 – 28

GIC Sunday

On Sunday morning, January 30, Jim Law, NAMB’s executive director, will be guest speaking during all of our worship services. Additionally, our 2022 GIC missionaries will be around campus attending services and Life Groups. Be sure to meet and encourage them! 

About Our Guest Speaker

As NAMB’s newly elected executive director, Jim Law provides day-to-day leadership for the evangelism and leadership group. In his nearly 28 years at FBC Woodstock, Law, serving under lead pastor Johnny Hunt, helped make the church one of the top evangelistic churches in North America. With more than 6,000 in weekly worship attendance, Woodstock is also a leader in international missions and church planting in North America.

“All evangelism goes back to the local church,” Law said. “What’s important to the pastor will be important to his congregation. I want to help make evangelism the top priority and help pastors lead their people in that direction.”

The North American Mission Board (NAMB) evangelism and leadership group promotes evangelism among Southern Baptist churches, provides evangelistic resources and equips pastors to help their congregations become more evangelistically active

Missionary Schedule

Are you a missionary and need a reminder of what all is happening on our campus? Click the button below to view events happening over this special GIC Weekend. 

Have A Question?

Have a question about this event? Want to reserve a table to sell your items? Need help with donation information? Contact Karon Peterson with the information below. 




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