Make A Difference With Hope For Kidz!

Consider making a difference in a child’s life. With our missions partner, Reciprocal Ministries International, we bring faith, hope, and love to kids in our Haiti Hope For Kids program.

A Hope For Kidz Sponsorship Provides:

Quality Christian Education

In Haiti, only 55% of school age children receive an education. Two percent of those children will finish the US equivalent of high school. This has left Haiti with roughly one-third of their youth (ages 15-24) illiterate. Sponsoring a child ensures that they are given a quality education and taught the truths found in the Bible.

School Uniforms and Supplies

Not only does a sponsorship include a quality christian education, but it also includes giving a child everything they need to effectively learn. Pencils, books, a uniform, and bowls with utensils are included when you commit to a sponsorship.

Expansion of Hot Lunch Program

It is no secret that feeding children grants them healthier and energy-filled lives. When children do not have to worry about their next meal, they can focus on learning. Sponsoring a child through Hope For Kidz provides them meals utilizing a special chicken-flavored rice filled with vitamins, protein, and essential minerals. Specific nutritional information is available when clicking “Learn More.”

Annual De-Worming

Access to clean water and safe food is not always a possibility for those living in Haiti. Sponsoring a child ensures that they receive essential medical treatments necessary for living in Haiti. One such treatment is annual de-worming.

Community Health Education

An informed community is a safer community. With Hope For Kidz, you can contribute to creating a safer environment for Haitian children to grow up in. A sponsorship through Hope For Kidz provides health information to communities and provides tangible ways each person can contribute to making a safer living environment.

Emergency Medical Funds Access

Emergencies aren’t planned for. Part of your sponsorship through Hope For Kidz, contributes to an emergency medical fund, which your sponsored child has access to if they experience a medical emergency.

Regular Staff Visits

Community is vital to the health of any family living in Haiti. Sponsoring through Hope For Kidz, gives staff members the means to travel to each sponsored child’s houses and check in with families. This gives the staff the opportunity to learn and understand the specific needs of each family and child.

Who Is Our Sister-Church?

Our sister-church in Haiti has seen the impact and importance of sponsored kids. To learn about our special partnership with our sister-church in Haiti, click the button below.

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