Trusting in God with the Coronavirus

A Letter from Pastor Russell

March 12, 2020

Dear Church Family,

I have been so blessed this week to remember that my ultimate reality is not defined by politics, the stock market, or the coronavirus.  If those things were the source of my view of the world and my place in it, I think I’d have to be a little frantic right now.

Thankfully, you and I both know that Jesus is Lord over political stuff, financial stuff, and microscopic stuff.  Further, we know that He loves us a lot, and that we are secure in that love.

Does that mean we won’t have goofy political leaders?  Ask the believers in the New Testament, who lived and served, and glorified God, under the boot of the Roman Empire.

Does it mean that we won’t struggle with financial setbacks?  Ask Paul, who learned to have nothing material at all (Philippians 4:12-13).

Does it mean that we won’t get sick?  Ask Lazarus, whose death became a teaching point about the fact that we will die, but one day we will all rise to live forever.

Wow, Pastor Russell, you really know how to comfort people!  

OK, I actually do have something important, and comforting, to say… 

Ready?  Here it is:  Jesus has got this.    

Your part?  Be wise.  Vote for the least ridiculous politicians.  Be a good steward of the wealth the Lord has given you management over.

And, of course, wash your hands, cover your coughs, and use more elbow bumps and less handshakes.  

Just don’t put your trust in any of your own activity (what the Bible calls “works”).

Instead, keep trusting Jesus.  Panic is unbecoming for the child of God, and our most urgent business is unchanged.  We represent the Gospel of Grace in a world where (until He returns) we and everyone we know are going to die (you knew that already).  

So, we’ll keep on gathering as God’s people.  We’ll keep on praying, worshipping, studying His Word, and encouraging one another, as He has commanded.  

Of course, if you feel sick, stay home. But if you feel panicky, lean more fully on the Lord and His people.

Jesus has got this.

Pastor Russell Howard