Requirements for a McGregor Wedding

There are only two institutions that God has ordained—the church and the home. Therefore, marriage is a sacred institution, ordained by God. Even non-Christians, married outside the church, have entered into a “covenant” with each other, whether or not they realize it, because marriage is God’s idea. We believe marriage should always be a three-way relationship involving man, woman and Almighty God. As a result, the following are requirements for a wedding at McGregor Baptist Church:

  1. Church Membership/Member of Life Group.
  2. Premarital Counseling by McGregor’s Staff Counselor, Beverly Chesnut or other approved Christian Counselor.
  3. A clear testimony of your relationship to Jesus Christ.
  4. A shared commitment to the Biblical standard of moral purity.
  5. A prayerful and Biblical evaluation of your marital history.

Your Wedding Date

A request for a reservation on the church calendar should be made to our Wedding Coordinator at the earliest possible time. The DATE and TIME of the WEDDING, REHEARSAL and RECEPTION (where applicable) should be confirmed by our Wedding Coordinator before announcing your date in a newspaper, printed invitation or making non-refundable deposits to other wedding vendors. A Wedding Application Form must be filled out completely, signed by the bride and groom and returned to the Wedding Coordinator, along with your $100 non-refundable deposit. This deposit will be applied to the Wedding Coordinator’s fee. Your wedding must go through an approval process (2-3 weeks) and the Pastor performing your ceremony will sign your form. At that time, your wedding and rehearsal dates will be confirmed on the church calendar and a copy of the signed application form will be mailed to you as confirmation.

Note: Please keep in mind that Saturday weddings can be scheduled NO LATER THAN 4:00 PM

Please also note that we do not schedule weddings on holiday weekends (Easter, Christmas, etc.). Also, the Worship Center is not available for weddings from the 2nd weekend in November through mid-December, due to Christmas Pageant set-up.

In the event that the platform of the Worship Center will have some type of set/decoration at the time of your wedding, whatever is set up will remain there for your wedding. Your wedding set-up will be in front of this and we will do our best to camouflage this with wedding furnishings and plants.

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