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Global Leadership Summit Join 305,000 leaders around the world at The Global Leadership Summit, August 11-12. The Summit is designed for Christians who are committed to leading a life of impact. National speakers [...]

Summer 2016 Journey Together June 22 – August 10 (8 weeks) The Testing Of Your Faith Everybody struggles with my struggle a test from God? In The Testing of Your Faith [...]

I AM A McGREGOR MEMBER Special Password Required. Forgot Code? McGregor Members Click Here The Global Leadership Summit 2016 ABOUT The Global [...]

Global Impact Celebration 2016 Throughout the Bible we see a clear pattern of God calling and sending His followers. As Christ followers, we should go Wherever He Leads. [...]

Journey Together Schedule 4:30 - 6:00PM - Journey Together Supper (Fellowship Hall) 6:30 - 8:00PM - Journey Together (all ages) Our next Journey begins January 13 at 6:30 PM Some classes have books or materials that [...]

June 20 - 29, 2017 Join Russell Howard and Dan Allen as we follow in the Footsteps of Martin Luther and the Reformation Your all-inclusive price includes: Basic Tour and Guided Sightseeing Round Trip [...]

As we go through this sermon series you will quickly observe Nehemiah’s successes and failures as a leader, but you will also see something greater in the background: God’s faithfulness to His unfaithful people. [...]

interim [in-ter-uh m] noun 1. an intervening time; interval 2. a temporary or provisional arrangement McGregor Baptist Church Constitution Current Constitution (PDF) Proposed Constitution (PDF) Links open in new window. Timeline On April 12, 2015, [...]

Two daily guides to choose from: Sections Guide (PDF) Opens in new window. To download, right-click on the link and select “Save As” or “Save Target As.” [...]